Format: LP, Album, Milky Vinyl - Countdown Records October 2020 



Side A

Take What You Can Get

Feels Like It's Love

Here Is My Number

Only Time Will Tell

Did I Tell You



Side B

I Gotta Move

Where The Rhythm Takes You

Every Single Day

The Girl That Touched My Soul

I Know What You're Thinking

Stop This Cryin' Inside


Makin’ Time emerged as a breath of fresh air from the 1980s mod scene. Younger than the revival bands that had gone before instead of watered-down punk their music was a glorious mix of power pop and 1960s pop and soul.


Signed to Eddie Piller and Maxine Forrest’s Stiff distributed Countdown label it was seen as a possible contender for pop crossover, and was given a full-on recording and marketing budget. The album that emerged was the vibrant and exciting Rhythm & Soul.


The band was fronted by the bob-headed, powerful voice of organ playing Fay Hallam and guitarist and vocalist Mark McGounden, these two along with Martin Blunt provided a strong set of self-penned songs. A dynamic band live ‘Here Is My Number’, ‘Feels Like It’s Love’ ‘Only Time Will Time’ and the other self-penned numbers were already fan anthems by the time they were recorded.

Makin' Time - Rhythm & Soul - Vinyl LP