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Welcome to some fun little fruit jewellery - Tinyfruit. I lovingly sculpt each fruit in my studio in Kent…the Garden of England.


After casting, they are individually hand-polished or painted and lacquered, making each one unique. Fill your fruit bowl with gifts for others or a treat for yourself.



The Story of Tinyfruit

At a family wedding in the West Midlands circa 1976, a very unfriendly cousin pulled a china, or possibly plastic, apple core necklace from around my neck and threw it into an ornamental fish pond. (I told you he was very unfriendly).


As I stood by distraught, dad attempted to dredge the pool with an old fishing net the hotel had dug out of a cupboard, but my little necklace had sunk without trace. It was a tragedy. A fruit-based Titanic. But now long forgotten.


Suddenly, at the start of 2014, after a lifetime of raising a family, playing music and making records, washing and ironing, getting a first-class art degree, teaching, and creating pieces using oils, textiles and clay… I had a sudden urge to make an apple core pendant. After a silversmithing course followed by much research, I produced my first fruit…the glorious lost apple core. It was then that my wonderful Aunty Daisy reminded me about pondgate.


The first apple I made was in silver and made only for me to wear, but it drew so much attention that I decided to make the fruit on a greater scale. An orchard if you will. And so it is that tinyfruits were born and I will be wielding my scalpel to create more tiny things that I hope you will love as much as I do.

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